Switching PEPCO Electricity Suppliers in Maryland

Customers of PEPCO Energy living in Maryland are looking for alternative electricity suppliers to power their homes and businesses in an attempt to reduce their electric bills. Through Maryland electricity choice consumers have the ability to switch their electricity supplier from PEPCO Energy to an alternative PEPCO energy supplier who might be offering a more competitive price plan. Surprising to many consumers, PEPCO is actually encouraging their customers to shop and switch if a better plan can be found instead of sticking with the default price plan.

Switching electricity suppliers in Maryland is a painless process. Unlike the process of changing cable companies or other home service providers, changing to a different electricity supplier does not require a repair person to visit the home or business. The actual switch occurs through a computer as the customer simply goes from paying one rate structure to another. In the case of switching from PEPCO to an alternative supplier, the customer will go from paying the PEPCO Standard Offer Service default rate for generation and transmission to the electricity rate offered by the competitive supplier which will include the same generation and transmission components of the default price. However, customers should be aware that the switch from one supplier to another can only occur once per month on the customer’s meter read date; the date when PEPCO reads the meter in order to determine how much power was used in the last month and send out the correct bill amount.

In addition, the electricity billing process will remain the same even if a customer switches to an alternative PEPCO supplier. PEPCO Energy continues to send the electric bill out to all of their customers regardless of who the customer chooses to be their electricity supplier. The reason for this stability in regards to the electric bill is the way Maryland decided to set up their energy choice market. While competition is available for the generation and transmission components of the electricity costs, the distribution charges remain regulated by the state and charged by PEPCO Energy at the same costs no matter who the customer chooses to supply their home or business with power.

When a customer switches electricity suppliers they are choosing a new supplier to provide power to their property. However, PEPCO Energy will continue to deliver that power to the property at the regulated distribution charges. Selecting a competitive rate that is lower than the default rate will result in lower PEPCO electric bills and savings for the customer.

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