Compare Electricity Prices in Philadelphia

Are you tired of paying the high electricity prices imposed by PECO Energy? Thanks to the Pennsylvania electricity choice law you are no longer forced to buy your electricity supply from PECO energy. Instead you can shop the market for the most competitive electric rates and lower your electric bill substantially.

Philadelphia has become one of the most active competitive electricity markets in the country. Consumers are taking action by comparing electricity prices and finding the best energy offer for their needs. Comparing electricity prices in Philadelphia allows consumers to pay less for their electricity while still having the local utility company they have come to know and trust, PECO Energy, deliver their power and monthly invoice.

Switching electricity suppliers is a seamless process; there are no switch fees, the power does not turn off (the switch is unnoticeable), you don’t have to contact your current supplier (the new supplier does this for you), and the whole process is monitored carefully by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Don’t forget the best part, you will save big bucks on your electricity bill.

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