Choice is Open in West Penn Power

Recent increases in the standard default electric generation rate has lead to a number of first time electricity choice shoppers in the West Penn Power service area in Pennsylvania.  On June 1, 2023 the West Penn Power price to compare rate increased by 16.6% from $0.08514 to $0.0993.  Though other service areas in Pennsylvania have seen more severe default rate hikes through the years, the higher electric bills are expected to result in more shoppers searching for better price options from competitive electric suppliers.

As of May 2023, West Penn Power has witnessed 15.7% of their residential customers choose a competitive supplier as reported by the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate in their quarterly electric shopping statistics guide.  More than 600,000 residential customers in the utility area can save 20% or more on their West Penn Power electric bill if they shop for offers from licensed Pennsylvania power suppliers.

Shopping for the lowest West Penn Power electricity rates is a much easier process than most people realize in the service area.  Online electricity comparison sites provide a search engine for available rate offers in a given market that provides customers with the ability to filter who has the cheapest rate.  The benefit of viewing multiple offers at once brings up the competitive level among the suppliers to another level.  Upon completion of comparing the options and choosing a rate plan, the switch process begins online without having to worry about scheduling a time for a person to come to your home and change wires.  Electric choice customer’s who sign up through a price comparison site will have the convenience of having the cheapest rate presented to them once their current rate approaches expiration.

Choosing a new electricity supplier for the first time can be a scary proposition for consumers who are unfamiliar with energy choice laws in Pennsylvania.  One fear that makes people reluctant to shop and compare rates is not knowing whether their power will go out if they do happen to choose a competitive electric supplier.  Through Pennsylvania electricity choice, West Penn Power is required to continue to deliver electricity to their customers, send the monthly electric bill, provide quality customer service, and respond to power outages and emergencies, regardless of who supplies the electricity.

Some potential electric choice customers may decide not to switch due to a sense of loyalty for their local utility supplier.  The truth is that West Penn Power does not care if their customers choose a competitive electricity supplier.  They continue to receive revenues for all of their customers through regulated delivery charges which are approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  Even though consumers can shop and purchase a cheaper electricity rate, their West Penn Power monthly electric bill will continue to be delivered by the utility company.

Current West Penn Power competitive rates can be seen below.  There are a number of rate characteristics that consumers can look for including low price, length of contract, early termination fee, and even rates derived from renewable or green energy sources.

Competitive rate plans that are lower than the West Penn Power price to compare rate will save the customer money on their electric bill.

West Penn Power (ALLEG)

8.78¢ Price to Compare

No Sign Up Fees

Provider Plan Term Rate Savings  
6 months
8.19¢ / kWh

Save 7%

Energy Harbor
12 months
8.50¢ / kWh

Save 4%

Clearview Energy
12 months
8.59¢ / kWh

Save 3%

Direct Energy
6 months
8.69¢ / kWh

Save 2%

Tomorrow Energy
12 months
8.69¢ / kWh

Save 2%

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