Cheapest Met Ed Electricity Prices

Recent rate increases on the supply cost has caused many Met Ed residential customers to start searching for cheaper electricity prices. Pennsylvania electricity choice laws allow customers to choose rate offers from competitive electricity companies whose offers will replace the Met Ed price to compare default rate. Many Met Ed consumers are still unfamiliar with their ability to shop the market for cheaper prices. However that is beginning to change as more competitive Pennsylvania suppliers are focusing a larger percentage of their marketing efforts towards the region.

Since August 1, 2016 the Met Ed price to compare has risen 24.6% and has effected over 300,000 residential customers who have not been participating in the state’s electricity choice program. The rate jumped from $0.059 to $0.069 per KWh on September 1, 2016 and then to $0.07351 in December. Met Ed customers can control the potential of even more increases, as well as saving money against the current price, by shopping the competitive market for the cheapest electricity price and supplier.

While there are a variety of reasons a consumer will shop for an alternative supplier’s rate, a cheaper price remains the most common. There are no differences between suppliers in regards to the quality of power delivered. While some supplier market themselves as higher end, in reality they have no control over the power that is delivered to any specific home. Some customers may prefer to pay a higher price for renewable energy or for a longer fixed term. However, for most consumers, finding the cheapest fixed electricity price is the most important feature of the offer.

As of February 2017 only 35.2% of Met Ed residential customers were purchasing their power from a competitive supplier. The remaining 64.8% are paying the Met Ed default rate and can easily find a cheaper electricity price by simply shopping for more attractive offers. Cheap Met Ed offers for residential customers are listed below, all suppliers listed have been licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.

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