Alternative MA Suppliers to Eversource Energy

Massachusetts electricity consumers who receive an electric bill from Eversource Energy are looking into alternatives in order to control their rising energy costs. Luckily for them Massachusetts is an energy choice state, which means that they have the ability to shop for lower electricity rates from alternative electricity suppliers.

Eversource Energy recently became the name of the utility company for the city of Boston, the state’s largest city. The previous name of the Boston utility company was NSTAR. The change is strictly a name change and not a merger or acquisition as the newly named Eversource Energy corporation is trying to establish a brand name by changing the names of several utilities that they own to the Eversource name. The change from NSTAR to Eversource is the first step in this plan.

Boston consumers who receive their electric bill from Eversource Energy have a choice to shop for a lower electricity supply rate that would replace the Eversource basic service rate. The Eversource basic service rate is a default rate that customer’s pay for generation and transmission service who do not shop for alternative supplier rates. Alternative Massachusetts electricity suppliers can often offer rates that are well below the basic service default rate, resulting in huge electric bill savings.

Even though Massachusetts electricity shoppers can select an alternative supplier for their power generation, the power will continue to be delivered to their home by Eversource Energy through the lines and wires that they own. The delivery and distribution portion of the electricity market remains regulated through the state even though the generation portion is deregulated and open to choice. This prevents any type of power failures or lower quality of power delivered to homes as a result of Massachusetts energy choice. In the end shopping for an alternative supplier is about finding a rate and term that the customer happy with instead of being stuck on a high default rate.

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