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About Oasis Energy

Since 2008, the Texas-born company Oasis Energy strives to be the “energy company you can trust.” Customers in its service areas in six U.S. states can benefit from reliable electricity and natural gas plans for competitive prices, with up to three years contracts. Oasis Energy is affiliated with Verde Energy, an electricity supplier known for its fixed, no-cancellation-fee green energy plans. With either of these companies, environment-conscious customers can choose a 100% renewable energy plan that won’t break their bank.

To get help becoming a customer, changing contact details, or checking energy usage, customers can contact Oasis customer service on:

Why Choose Oasis Energy?


Price stability - Oasis Energy offers plans that allow you to lock your electricity or natural gas rates for up to three years. That's a great way to eliminate the element of surprise from your monthly energy bill and enjoy the comfort of knowing that your price per kWh is fixed.


100% green energy - Sign up for 12-month or 24-month 100% green energy plans and enjoy the good feeling that comes with doing the right thing for the environment. The good news is - it won't break your bank either.

Compare Oasis Energy Rates

Interested in signing up for one of Oasis Energy plans? Whether you are looking for electricity or natural gas plans, you can sign up for both on the supplier’s website, by entering your zip code or calling 1-800-324-3046 to get help in choosing the right rate. Oasis makes switching easy – it should only take a few minutes and you won’t experience any disconnection of service.

However, before you switch, take your time to compare the electricity plans of other competitive suppliers in your area. You may find a number of attractive plans with different perks – all you have to do is choose one. Read our guide to find out if you live in an energy deregulated state and are able to switch electricity suppliers.

Oasis Energy Service Areas

Oasis Energy serves residential and commercial customers in six U.S. states:

However, that doesn’t mean that households and businesses from other states that are interested in switching, can’t. If your state is energy deregulated, you are still able to shop for competitive electric and natural gas plans to save money on your next utility bill.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Oasis Energy.

Can Massachusetts Customers Sign Up For Oasis Energy?

Massachusetts is one of the energy deregulated states served by Oasis Energy. If you are interested in switching to a competitive energy plan, you may find one on the Oasis website by entering your zip code or get help choosing the right plan by calling Oasis customer service on 1-800-324-3046.

How Can I Pay My Oasis Energy bill?

New and existing customers can pay their energy bills, either by login into their online account or by phone, toll-free at 1-800-324-3046.

How Do I Report a Power Outage?

Even if you switched to one of Oasis energy plans, your local utility company will still be responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of power to your doors. You can find the contact details for reporting an outage on the Oasis Energy website.

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