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Energy Choice in New York

New Yorkers have the 7th lowest average usage in the US and yet they are slapped with third-highest average electricity rates in the nation. To give its residents a choice, the state government deregulated the energy industry in 1996, effectively allowing any Energy Service Company (ESCO) to offer competitive electricity and natural gas plans to New Yorkers looking for a better energy deal.

New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC)

Overseeing the energy deregulated market is the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), established in 1907. Serving nearly 20 million residents in the state, the agency regulates New York’s electric, natural gas, steam, water, and telecommunications industries.

To help New Yorkers with the switching process, NYS PSC set up an online tool called Power To Choose New York, which allows energy customers to compare electric and natural gas rates in their area.

Power to Choose New York

Power To Choose website allows for a comparison of New York energy rates and offers.  You can choose from electric, gas, and also 100% green energy plans on the website.

One thing to keep in mind is your energy usage! The energy rate offers are linked to specific monthly usage, so you should always check the estimated usage for the advertised rate to avoid unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.

You can also enter your zip code and search for New York electric rates on our website. We carefully vet retail electric suppliers and review them not only based on price, but also on the quality and the extras that they offer to customers.

Guidelines and Rules for Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)

To ensure that the interests of the customer are put ahead of any company’s profit, NYS PSC created a set of rules, called Uniform Business Practices (UBPs) for all ESCOs wanting to participate in the New York energy supply market.

The UBPs set out stricter rules about the door-to-door sales of competitive rates by ESCOs, the disclosure of the complaint resolution process, and a mandate for at least 15 days’ notice before discontinuing service. All state utility companies and ESCOs must remain compliant with the UBPs at all times.

Why is ElectricRate A Better Comparison Site Than NY Power to Choose?

Like Power To Choose, ElectricRate also allows you to compare available New York electricity rates, but our web-based comparison tool also offers additional benefits.

duke-energy-apples-to-applesSwitch to your new service in a few clicks - When you enter your zip code on ElectricRate, you will not only see all rates, with the cheapest deals displayed on the top of the list, but you can also sign up immediately with just a few clicks.
apples-to-apples-comparisonAll the information you need in one place - As customers, we all like excellent customer service and extras. That's why at ElectricRate, we carefully review all major suppliers and compile information about customer support hours, ratings, and extra benefits that they provide, such as attractive referral programs, complementary goods, and value-add services.
apples-to-apples-ohio-electricGet the support you need: Our team at ElectricRate is ready to provide ongoing support to customers, including helping you choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle, notifying you when your plan is about to expire and any additional support you might need. All you need to do is give us a call at 1-888-307-9636 or email  [email protected]


Who Provides Electricity in NYC?

Electricity supply companies that offer competitive rates in the New York deregulated energy market are called ESCOs. New Yorkers, looking to switch their energy supply from the state utility company to an ESCO can enter their zip code, either on the official state government program website Power To Choose New York, or alternatively at ElectricRate to compare electric and natural gas rates in your area.

What Is The Average Electric Bill in NYC?

New Yorkers have the 7th lowest average usage in the US and yet they are slapped with third-highest average electric rates in the nation, 17.97 cents per kilowatt-hour. Combined with an approximate energy usage of approximately 900 kilowatts, New Yorkers are looking at monthly bills of $161.73 on average.

What Does ESCO Stand For?

The ESCO or the Energy Service Company is any competitive electricity supplier company, certified to participate in the deregulated New York power market.

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