Lowest Westchester NY Electricity Rates

In the state of New York, energy consumers in the county of Westchester have discovered that they are no longer forced to buy their power from Con Edison. Electric bills in Westchester are being reduced as a result of New York electricity choice laws that allow consumers to shop for competitive power rates. The infusion of new competitive electricity companies, and their marketing budgets, are helping to spread the word about customer choice.

Many consumers new to energy choice don’t always understand the benefit that is produced by energy choice. There are a variety of reasons why people decide to shop for competitive electricity prices. Lower electric rates and price stability are often the primary reason for the initiation of power shopping. Due to a constantly fluctuating default electric rate, Con Edison electricity customers often turn to the competitive market for price stability.

Unlike the energy choice markets in neighboring areas where local utilities offer a fixed default rate to customers who do not shop, the default rate offered by Con Edison is a month to month variable price. This type of pricing strategy opens customers up to huge market risks that can result in electric bill swings from one month to the next. In contrast, low fixed electric rates offered by competitive electricity suppliers provide customers with the satisfaction of knowing exactly how much they will pay for power for the term of the contract.

Though Con Edison only offers a variable rate for electricity supply, their prices for distribution remain set at rates regulated by the New York Public Service Commission. Even though Con Edison customers are able to choose who supplies their power, they still do not have a choice of who delivers that power to their home. This new relationship between customer and business is often difficult for some to grasp as many have grown up with Con Edison as a household name. The important thing to understand is that Con Edison is still responsible for delivering power and maintaining the lines and wires throughout Westchester. If you are living in Westchester and are a Con Edison customer they will continue to service your home even after you switch to a competitive New York electricity rate.

Below is a list of current low Westchester electricity rates from companies who are licensed by the New York Public Service Commission. All rates are updated daily and will stay fixed for the amount of months stated in the term. Locking in a low fixed rate is a good way to protect yourself from high unexpected electricity bills.

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