Lowest Orange and Rockland Electric Rates

New York electricity consumers serviced by the utility Orange & Rockland have taken notice of lower electric rate offers provided by competitive suppliers. Orange & Rockland provides power to the counties of Orange, Rockland, and Sullivan in the state of New York and over 300,000 customers across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Electricity choice in New York now gives the ability for consumers to shop for competitive electric rates from companies that are licensed by the New York Public Service Commission.

As competitive New York electricity companies have helped to educate the population through their marketing efforts, a wave of O&R electricity customers is now purchasing their power supply from alternative companies. Shopping for lower Orange and Rockland electric rates allow consumers to get off of the default generation supply rate offered to customers who do not participate in the energy choice program. The default rate is a variable rate that changes on a month-to-month basis. This type of pricing strategy leaves the consumer open to the risk of huge price swings that can cause big surprises when the O&R electric bill comes in the mail.

To avoid the risk of the variable default rate, also called the price to compare, O&R customers can shop for New York residential electricity rates that are fixed. Locking in a low fixed rate provides price stability for New York electricity customers. They may end up paying a higher rate from time to time than the default rate offered, but the customer who locks in a fixed rate will be extremely happy when that spike occurs in the energy market causing their neighbor’s bills to double.

Compare low fixed Orange and Rockland electric rates from the list below for electric bill stability.

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