Energy Comparison Leads to Savings in Metropolitan Edison Territory

Customers of the Metropolitan Edison (Met Ed) service area are quickly becoming familiar with the benefits of energy choice in Pennsylvania. Choice has brought prices down and options up for those consumers who have decided to do a thorough comparison of their energy offers. The alternative to purchasing power from a competitive supplier is paying the high Met Ed default rate.

Competitive electricity suppliers have rushed towards the Met Ed service territory offering attractive comparison rates to the utility default rate. The easiest way for a competitive supplier to gain new customers is to offer electricity prices that are well below the Met Ed default rate, resulting in a clear incentive for the customer to switch suppliers. While the Met Ed default rate is predetermined for set amount of time, competitive supplier can react quickly to market movements and thus undercut the default rate when the market allows. This provides an opportunity for consumers who are up to date on the market trends and are doing energy comparisons. Comparison sites like give consumers an easy outlet for comparing energy rate offers in a quick manner.

The best competitive Met Ed rates are coming in between 12-17% below the default rate. As of April 2016 only 32.9% of Met Ed residential customers had taken the time to compare energy rate offers and purchase power from a competitive electricity supplier, leaving the rest overpaying on their electricity bill every month. In the same service area, 46.3% of the commercial customers have switched to a competitive supplier plan. Below is a list of the best Met Ed competitive rate offers. The list will allow Met Ed customers to due a quick energy comparison and see which supplier is offering the plan that best fits the individual customer’s requirements.

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