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If you live in Rochester, there is a high chance that you see the name Rochester Gas and Electric on your energy bill every month. RGE is a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, an energy company that supplies natural gas and electricity to more than 3 million customers. As a company, RGE is very environmentally conscious and encourages its customers towards the eco-friendly path with smart energy rewards, an appliance recycling program, assistance with electric vehicles and other incentives.

As an RGE customer, you, of course, have an alternative option – switch to another electric supplier to unlock some great savings on your monthly energy bill. Enter your zip code and compare available energy offers in your area.

Pay your Rochester Gas and Electric bills

RGE likes to offer its customers convenience and choice, so a variety of billing options are available to you:

Shop Electric Rates

If you live in the RGE area, you have the power to switch electric providers to unlock some great savings. Switching to a cheaper residential or business rate can significantly reduce your energy bills each month and earn you some additional perks. Just enter your zip code to compare, what energy plans are on offer in your area.

You can also search by individual energy providers and read our reviews about their offered electric rates, perks of signing up for the service and a lot of other useful information.

Don’t forget – Your usage matters. The energy rate offers are linked to specific monthly usage, so you should find out what’s yours before you get locked in a contract.

Report a power outage

RGE works hard to keep your lights on at all times, so if something goes wrong, they want to know about it.

  • If you are experiencing a power blackout, you can call  800-743-1701 for electricity outages or trouble or use the RGE online form.
  • If you are experiencing a natural gas emergency, get up and leave immediately and then call 800-743-1702 or 911.

If you see a faulty streetlight in your area, Rochester Gas and Electric wants to hear about it too. You can track all the reported outages in the online map on the RG&E website.

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