PPL Electric Bill

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Below is a sample PPL Electric Bill.  When you choose a lower electric rate at new.electricrate.com, the rate you choose will replace the PPL price to compare rate which includes the Transmission Charge (Number 4) and the Generation Charge (Number 6).

The current price to compare for PPL residential customers is 10.449 (Transmission + Generation; .316 +10.133)

All other charges on the PPL bill remain the same.

#1: Rate: (sample shows residential RS)
Most PPL residential customers receive electric services under the same rate class and some have special rates. This is also true for commercial and industrial customers.

#2: Distribution Charge:
The price for delivering electricity to your home or business.

#3: Customer Charge:
The monthly charge to cover PPL Electric Utilities’ basic costs for billing, metering and meter reading.

#4: Transmission Charge:
The cost of moving electricity from a generating plant to the PPL distribution system. When you select an electric generation supplier, that supplier, not PPL, will bill you for transmission charges.

#5: Transition Charge:
A charge on every customer’s bill to cover an electric utility’s transition or stranded costs, as allowed by the Public Utility Commission. These costs are not new; they have always been part of your bill.

(Transition costs are those costs a utility would have been able to collect in a regulated environment, but will not be able to collect in a competitive environment.)

#6: Generation Charge:
The amount your electric generation supplier charges for making your electricity.

#7: PA Tax Surcharge:
A surcharge on your total distribution charges from PPL Electric Utilities, which reflects changes in various state taxes already included in your bill. This surcharge may change periodically.

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