Conn Light Power

Electricity competition in Connecticut allows consumers to choose their electric supplier and shop for the lowest rates, as well as other variables that might matter to an individual such as how the power is generated and the term of the agreement.

However, electricity choice in Connecticut does not allow consumers to leave their local electricity utility company, who remain responsible for power delivery and maintenance of the power lines and wires. The local electricity utility companies in Connecticut are Connecticut Light & Power and the United Illuminating Company.

The bigger of the two, Connecticut Light & Power, serves over 1.2 million electricity customers in the state. These customers are able to shop for a competitive electric generation supplier who may be able to offer a electric price that is lower than the state regulated generation default rates. However, these energy users must remain customers of Connecticut Light & Power for electricity delivery purposes. The Conn Light and Power bill is divided into two sections, the regulated delivery section and the deregulated generation supply section. When a customer chooses an alternative supplier for generation supply, the rate they choose will replace the generation default rate on the CL&P bill.

If Connecticut Light & Power customers can find a lower electric rate than the default rate in the competitive market, that rate will provide direct savings on the monthly CL&P bill. CL&P generation default rates are fixed for one year at a time. If you are a CL&P customer, shop for low electric rates below.

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