Find Cheap Electric Rates in Allentown

Many Allentown energy customers are surprised to learn that they do not have to buy their electricity from PP&L. Due to an energy competition act passed in the 90s, residences in Allentown are now able to choose between multiple energy companies for power supply.

Many Allentown residences are unwilling to shop for low electric rates because of their loyalty to PP&L, whose corporate headquarter rests in the city of Allentown. The electricity landscape has changed in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean the end of the PPL Corporation or an end of PP&L customer loyalty. Choosing a lower priced electricity company does not stop Allentown residences from being PPL customers. Even after choosing an alternative electric company to supply your home with low cost energy, PPL continues to deliver that power to your home through their distribution lines, provide you with your monthly electric bill, and respond to power failure emergencies.

The Pennsylvania electric choice laws prohibit PPL from gaining a profit off of the electric generation supply portion of the electric bill in the PPL utility area. PPL profits and distribution rates are regulated by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. Prior to Pennsylvania electric choice, PPL was a regulated monopoly for electricity delivery and generation. Now they are a regulated monopoly for just electricity delivery. They do offer default generation service for Allentown electricity users who do not shop for lower rates, however, PPL does not profit from these charges. In the end, choosing a cheaper electric rate will benefit you in the form of a lower electric bill, and will not harm the PP&L corporation who is actually encouraging their customers to shop and compare electricity prices.

Locking in a low fixed electric rate can protect your home from rising energy prices in the hot summer and cold winter months.

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