Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Electricity?

how many watts does an air fryer use

Air fryers have become popular in the past several years due to their low power consumption, healthier food, and their fast operation. They are energy-efficient, easy to clean and store, and they give you food that is much crispier, tastier, and healthier than a conventional oven could ever give you. In reality, most people who started using an air fryer say that their energy bill has gone down, as air fryers do not use a lot of electricity. Depending on how much energy you use for meal making, especially in large families, you may be better off with a handy appliance like this. 

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is an appliance used for roasting food. However, instead of using hot plates or heaters, they blow hot air over your food, making it ready faster, and with a lower electricity consumption. In fact, an average air fryer uses just about 1.5 kWh of energy per hour of operation. This is almost half of what a standard oven would use at the same time (typically 2.7-3 kWh per hour of operation). 

This can lead to massive savings on your energy bill, especially over longer periods of time. An air fryer will typically halve your cooking energy bill, especially if you have an electricity-operated conventional oven. The lower power usage, health benefits, and about half the time spent cooking all result in massive savings, which is one of the reasons so many people opt for a fryer today. 

How Does it Work?

An air fryer works by blowing a stream of hot air all over your food. This way, the food is cooked directly, with no oil and no grease needed. The heating bodies found in an air fryer typically consume 0.8-2.3 kW of electricity, much less than electric ovens. In addition to this, air fryers are small and compact, and will take less time to heat up. They will also cook your food more quickly, and, although you couldn’t possibly use them to roast a turkey, they will prepare most of the food for your daily needs with no issues whatsoever. 

Power Requirement

The power requirements of air fryers depend on their size, the maker, and the model. In addition to this, the type of food being prepared will demand different temperature settings and will influence the power requirement. However, most air fryers are very energy efficient, demanding as little as 800 Watts of power to run their heaters. Some larger models may consume upwards of 2,0000 Watts of electricity, but purchasing a model this big should be reserved for large families only

Energy Consumption

So, an hour of run time can use anywhere between 0.8 kWh and 2.3 kWh of electricity per hour of operation. With the average electricity rate of around $0.15 per kWh in the US, the total cost of running an air fryer for an hour would fall between $0.12, and $0.35 per hour. This is cheaper than running an electrical oven, as circulating hot air is a more efficient way to prepare food. Bear in mind that this is a nominal power energy consumption, and that the effective power consumption will always be lower, sometimes 30% lower than the power stated, as the heating body is not always on

Running Cost

So, low energy consumption means lower running costs. In fact, air fryers are currently one of the most efficient ways to prepare food. With the exception of a pressure cooker placed on an induction hot plate, there are barely any other devices that can reduce your energy use this much. In fact, running an air fryer will typically use $0.12 of electricity per hour, compared to more than $0.35 per hour for a conventional oven. Using an air fryer pays off a lot, and it is a great way to ensure you do not use more energy than is necessary. 

Energy Efficiency

An air fryer uses much less electricity than an oven does. This is for several reasons. An air fryer has a very small body, where the total volume of the appliance is much lower than that of an oven. This means that the air fryer will not use a lot of electricity to preheat itself or to start roasting your food. In addition to this, there are more reasons that air fryers are so efficient. 

They heat the food using a stream of hot air. This allows for faster cooking with less energy used per hour, and less time spent cooking. In fact, air fryers use up to ⅔ of electricity less than a standard oven, and up to 20 times less power overall than some larger electrical appliances found in the kitchen, such as your deep fryer. This makes them have very low energy usage, especially if you have a small air fryer. 

Air Fryers vs Ovens vs Microwave

Air fryers are much more energy efficient than both ovens and microwaves. Both of these use more energy than an air fryer, and it takes less time to run an air fryer than it does to run an oven. Air fryers cook food faster so that cooking multiple batches can take the same time (but still less power), than turning on your oven (even convectional oven). This means that the electric bill will be lower overall. Now, let’s compare air fryers with ovens and microwaves in terms of energy used. 

Air Fryer vs Oven

An average air fryer uses around 1.5 kW of electricity. An hour of operation at nominal (maximum) strength translates to about 1.5 kWh of electricity used and an energy bill of around $0.225 for a full hour of run time. The energy usage is low, and the food is tasty. Ovens, on the other hand, will use a minimum of 2.3 kWh of electricity at the same time. Most models will use around 3.5 kWh of energy at the same time. They will easily cost $0.45+ for the same run time, and may even take longer to roast your food. 

Air Fryer vs Microwave

When it comes to microwaves, they are much more energy efficient than air fryers. However, most models cannot be used to cook food properly, especially meats. This would leave you with a messy plate and food that is not safe to eat, due to the heating properties of microwaves themselves. They would take much more time, resulting in more electricity being used over time. Although microwaves, as kitchen appliances, use less power than air fryers, the length of preparation and the lack of food safety make them a waste of electricity. 

An air fryer is the best of the three options. An air fryer does not use a lot of electricity but will prepare the food in a safe way and with low electricity usage. If you air fry your food, you will notice that it saves effort, dishes, and time to prepare the same food you would in an oven. 

Factors Affecting the Energy Consumption of Air Fryers

Several factors affect the energy usage of air fryers. The heating elements in the fryer itself, the capacity of the air fryer, the usage time, and the frequency of use. Let’s consider each of these in more detail. 


The overall energy consumption depends the most on the size of the air fryer. Generally, a larger air fryer will use more energy to heat up and maintain a constant temperature during cooking time. In addition to this, larger air fryers can take up more food and will naturally require more power to cook a higher quantity of food. However, a larger air fryer will also be able to cook more food in one hour, so you will be able to save time and some electricity usage by choosing a larger fryer. 

However, if you only cook for a small family, a smaller fryer will do the trick of keeping your electric bill lower. As air fryers work by heating air, fried foods will take less time to cook in a smaller model. If you use your air fryer for a larger family, a larger model will easily pay itself off. 


The voltage is another factor to consider when determining which air fryer to purchase. As they are mostly produced by larger international companies, always choose a model that is suited to the voltage in your area. Higher voltage devices will generally use less power. Lower voltage models will use more power to cook. Take all of this into account, and choose only the model suited to your grid. 

Usage Time

The usage time is another important factor to consider. You will be able to save even more and keep the energy costs low by using them the right way. Only preheat them if the recipe says so, and forget about preheating them for half an hour – this is not a toaster oven. Usually, a few minutes will do the trick. Follow the recipe instructions, and the manufacturer’s manual to ensure the optimal cooking time. Use your own taste preferences as well, as the food should taste good. 

Frequency of Use

The frequency of use will also determine how much electricity does an air fryer use. With more electricity being used, your power bill will be higher, but you should not forget that in most cases, you will be offsetting the higher energy use of an oven or another heating element with higher energy use. If you roast often, increasing the frequency of use of your air fryer will actually help you save on cooking, regardless of the food type being prepared. 

Energy Saving Tips when Using Air Fryers

So, an air fryer is a great device that is also very cheap and handy to use. An air fryer will reduce your electricity bills and will be able to cook food of the same capacity in only half the time when compared to an oven. The power rating, the way you use your air fryer, and being careful with the high heat option can all help you save even more, but let’s consider the following tips for a truly energy-optimized cooking experience: 

  1. Preheat the air fryer – usually, a few minutes will do, and you will be able to save up to 20% on your energy usage, 
  2. Use the right size of the air fryer – always choose the size that corresponds to your family’s needs – the bigger the family, the bigger the fryer you will need, 
  3. Don’t overload the air fryer – overloading it can increase the cooking time significantly and increase your energy usage, 
  4. Clean it regularly – keeping your air fryer clean will reduce energy use, and that burnt aftertaste, 
  5. Use a timer and auto shut off – using a timer and an auto shut off option will ensure you only use as much electricity as is necessary, 
  6. Use energy efficient food prep methods – frying and cooking take a lot of power, so using an air fryer whenever possible can help you save, and 
  7. Use the air fryer during the periods when electricity is cheaper – for example if you like late dinners, you can easily go with an energy plan that will provide you with cheaper energy in the evenings, possibly even free energy. 


Is it Worth Getting an Air Fryer?

Yes, it is worth getting an air fryer. They are more energy efficient than an electric oven, and the hot air they use to cook food is a healthier solution, especially when compared to other means of cooking, such as deep frying or frying on a pan. A high-quality, durable air fryer is the best way to provide your family with healthy meals and is a long-term investment in your health. 

Can you Make Popcorn in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can make popcorn in an air fryer. To do so, you will need to line it with aluminum foil or a baking sheet. Then, spray the kernels with some oil and turn the device on. This way, you will save on oil and improve your health, while at the same time getting the American favorite snack just in time before the movie starts. Run the air fryer at 400°F for a maximum of 10 minutes or until the sound of popping subsides. Running it for longer can result in burnt popcorn. 

Can Air Fryer be Used as Slow Cooker?

An air fryer cannot be used as a slow cooker. In fact, air fryers use high temperatures to fry the food in little time, while a slow cooker uses low temperatures to cook food for longer periods of time. Secondly, the heating technology is quite different as air fryers use a stream of very hot air to cook from above, while slow cookers use heaters placed underneath, to cook food. An air fryer would dry out anything that needs to be cooked in a pot, and the flavor would simply not be the same. 

Why Flip Meat in Air Fryer?

You should always flip meat in an air fryer, as it helps the meat be crispier and brown better than with traditional cooking. If you think this is too much work, just consider that most foods and meats should be flipped in a traditional oven as well. However, the biggest difference between the two is that an air fryer use will result in healthier foods, with less oil, and a lower energy bill. 


Owning an air fryer can help yous ave a lot of energy. These appliances are cheap, easy to use, save on electricity usage, and can cook the same capacity of food in half the time when compared to a standard oven. In addition to this, they use little to none cooking oil, and they allow you to have a healthier meal every time, and in less time. 

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