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Energy Choice in Killeen Texas

Electric bills in Killeen, Texas are increasingly being reduced as a result of Texas energy choice laws that allow consumers to shop for competitive power rates. The unbundling of TXU in 2002 has allowed for consumers to power shop from dozens of competitive electricity companies now offering electricity prices in Killeen. The creation of a competitive energy choice market has created an abundance of electric rate options that customers can now choose between.

Killeen, Texas is a city located within Bell County and is the 21st largest city in the state. There are currently 134,654 people that reside here. A large majority of that population belonging to the military base located there, Fort Hood. The economy tends to fluctuate with the amount of troops stationed at the base. Fort Hood brings a lot of economic stimulation to the area. In 2000, 86,911 people resided in Killeen, and in 2010, 127,000 were then in the area. This made it one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.

Killeen’s climate is considered subtropical humid. The area tends to have fairly mild winters and hot and humid summers. The summer months last the longest throughout the year which often results in large summer electric bills for consumers. Killeen consumers who have not taken the time to shop for competitive electricity rates in a long time can easily reduce their expenditures by learning about their energy choice options.

Below are a list of current electricity rates available for Killeen residents.

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