Competitive Penelec Electricity Rates

The Penelec Electricity utility company delivers power to over 500,000 residential customers in Pennsylvania, as well as to another 75,000 businesses. All customers who receive their power from Penelec have the ability to shop and choose a competitive electricity rate through the Pennsylvania energy choice act.

Until recently the competitive rate options that Penelec customers had were limited. The lack of choices was due to the Penelec customer pool being relatively small when compared to other Pennsylvania utility service areas, as well as low default rates being offered to customers. When Pennsylvania was first opened up to the competition in 2010 and 2011, the majority of electricity companies focused their marketing efforts on the PECO and PPL service areas, Pennsylvania’s two largest electric utilities. With the success of customer participation in those markets, many electricity companies have started to expand to offering rate plans in some of the state’s smaller service areas including Penelec.

In addition to the overall success of the Pennsylvania electricity choice market, the default rate that Penelec charges its customers for generation and transmission has been steadily increasing, providing further incentive for customers to take a look at their options. Penelec customers who have not searched for cheap electric rate plans pay a default rate with the utility that is determined through an auction process. Customers can save money on their monthly Penelec electric bill by locking in a low fixed electric rate that is lower than the Penelec default rate.

Below is a list of competitive Penelec electricity rates that are currently being offered. All rates are updated daily and are offered by electricity companies that have been licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

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