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In the state of New Jersey, energy consumers in Edison have discovered that they are no longer forced to buy their power from PSEG or JCPL, the two local regulated utilities who manage the power lines and wires in Edison. Energy shoppers are becoming more aware of their options as competitive electricity suppliers have increased their marketing budgets in an effort to lure Edison power consumers. Competitive electricity companies have entered the New Jersey electricity choice market in hopes of gaining market share by offering low electric rates and in some cases alternative green energy options.

As the fifth largest municipality in New Jersey, Edison has grown as a commercial and industrial center for the state. Many railroads pass through the town making it a major distribution point for the northeast. Edison currently has about 100,000 residents, all of whom are eligible to save money on their electricity bills through energy choice options.

Electricity choice in Edison, and the rest of New Jersey, has resulted in more power shoppers and lower electric bills. Taking the time to compare electricity rates can provide a number of benefits to PSEG and JCPL customers. Energy choice in New Jersey has forced competitive energy rates down, improved customers service, widened the energy product base to include green energy options, and has created a variety of new jobs.

Lower electric rates, compared to their utility default rate, is the biggest reason people start shopping. Lower prices provide an easy way for consumers to see the benefits of power shopping. If they find a rate that is lower than the PSEG or JCPL default rate, then they will save money on their monthly electric bill. When a Edison electricity customer switches to a competitive supplier they still get their electric bill from PSEG or JCPL, depending on where they live. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities also requires PSEG and JCPL to post on the electric bill how much money the power shopping customer would have paid had they not switched. This provides an easy way for customers to see the benefits of energy choice and shopping and determine if they want to remain an active participant in the market.

PSEG and JCPL posts their default electric rates which are called the basic generation service (BGS) rates. BGS rates are the price customers pay for electricity supply who do not choose a competitive electric company to supply their power. The supply portion includes generation and transmission costs, and do not include the distribution charges which remain regulated by the NJ BPU and are charged by the customer’s local utility – PSEG or JCPL if you live in Edison.

Below are a list of electricity rates for Edison, NJ customers who are serviced (receive electric bill) by PSEG. If you receive your electric bill by JCPL, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Edison, New Jersey Fun Fact: In 1954 citizens of the town decided to change the name to Edison from the former name of Raritan. The vote was between Edison and Nixon.

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