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The electricity choice market in Pearland Texas is extremely active allowing consumers in the city to choose between as many as 50 electric rate products at any given time. Texas energy companies compete for Pearland households as customers by offering low electricity prices, attractive terms, renewal energy options, and promotions.

Pearland (like the fruit) is in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. With a growth of 142% from 2000 to 2010, it is currently the second fastest growing city in the state and the 15th fastest growing city in the United States. The city is part of the Houston Metropolitan Area. Pearland has a total square area of 47.5 miles with 0.46 square miles as water. The city population is 91,000. Add in the surrounding Silverlake and Country Place and the population grows to 125,000. The city itself is ethnically diverse. There are 62 different languages spoken in the local public school district.

Pearland began as a community called Mark Belt which was little more than a post office and a railroad side switch in 1882. In 1894 the name of the community was changed to Pearland with the Brazoria County courthouse by Witold von Zychlinkski (a Polish noble). Zychlinkski saw the number of fruits being harvested and thought it would be a good name for the city in general. At first, the city was an “agricultural Eden” but after the Hurricanes of 1900 and 1915 most of the fruit trees were destroyed. Agriculture began to bounce back in 1914, but a freeze in 1918 hurt farming again. Oil was discovered in 1934, but it did not help the population grow immediately. The 1970s saw a boom in population and the city has been growing ever since.

Pearland is recognized as the top rated retail market in the state. The city was one of two municipalities to show double digit growth in retail sales. The Pearland Town Center is a lifestyle center that includes a number of national and international retail stores. Though consumers might not find electricity rates at the center, they can shop and compare Pearland electric rates online.

If you live in Pearland, TX and have not shopped for electric rates in a while, chances are that you are paying more than you need to for your electricity. Texas-New Mexico Power and Centerpoint Energy both serve as electric utilities for Pearland, depending on what part of the city your home is located. You can find Pearland electric rates below by looking underneath the electric utility that services your home.

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