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Natural Gas Energy Choice in Pennsylvania

The natural gas energy deregulation in Pennsylvania happened in 1999, following the suit of the electricity industry that was deregulated exactly 3 years earlier. Now, most Pennsylvanians, both residential and business, have the energy choice and are free to shop around for better natural gas prices and suppliers available for their zip code.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PPUC)

Since the beginning of the energy deregulation, the PPUC has overseen the Pennsylvanian electric and natural gas supplier companies, ensuring safe and reliable services for customers, and educating consumers about their energy choice. It owns and operates two official energy rates and supplier choices comparison sites:

  1. electricity comparison website PA Power Switch
  2. natural gas comparison website Pa Gas Switch

The suppliers displayed on the website have to be qualified by the PPUC, based on stringent criteria.

Utility customers may call the PPUC’s hotline at 1-800-692-7380 or send a letter to P.O. Box 3265 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-3265.

PA Gas Switch

This official website tool provides Pennsylvanian residents with the opportunity to compare offers from natural gas suppliers. Apart from the energy comparison, it includes other useful information and links for customers, including:

Why is ElectricRate a better comparison site than PA Gas Switch?

Like PA Gas Switch and PA Power to Switch, ElectricRate also allows you to compare available Pennsylvania natural gas companies and rates, but our web-based comparison tool also offers additional benefits.

duke-energy-apples-to-applesSwitching to your new service in a few clicks - When you enter your zip code on ElectricRate, you will not only see all rates, with the cheapest deals displayed on the top of the list, but you can also sign up immediately with just a few clicks.
apples-to-apples-comparisonAll the information you need in one place - As customers, we all like excellent customer service and extras. That's why at ElectricRate, we carefully review all major suppliers and compile information about there customer support hours, ratings, and extra benefits that they provide, such as attractive referral programs, complementary goods, and value-add services.

Get the support you need: Our team at ElectricRate is ready to provide ongoing support to customers, including helping you choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle, notifying you when your plan is about to expire and any additional support you might need. All you need to do is give us a call at 1-888-307-9636 or email  [email protected]


How Much Is Natural Gas In Pennsylvania?

The average residential natural gas prices are approximately $11.25 per Thousand Cubic Feet, as opposed to the national average of $10.60. However, customers have the energy choice to reduce the cost of natural gas by switching suppliers in their zip code, choosing a better deal.

Is Switching Gas Providers Easy?

Residential and business customers in most of the Pennsylvanian territory have the energy choice when it comes to natural gas prices. PPUC, the energy industry regulating body, offers two free resources to compare energy rates – Pennsylvania Power Switch and PA Gas Switch. Those interested in switching can enter their zip code and see available offers from competitive electric and gas suppliers in their local area.

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