Lowest PPL Commercial Electricity Rates

Businesses in central Pennsylvania who receive their power from Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) are quickly learning that participation in the state’s energy choice market is a necessity in order to keep energy expenses down and remain competitive in their industry. PPL commercial customers who do not shop for competitive power rates end up paying the default price to compare the rate for electric generation and transmission service, which fluctuates on a quarterly basis and is often significantly higher than fixed competitive commercial electricity rates offered by licensed Pennsylvania electricity suppliers.

The default rate that PPL offers their commercial customers is determined by an auction process held months before the rate actually goes into effect. Electricity companies bid for the privilege to serve a percentage of the default paying class. However, these companies must build in a premium to their bidding price knowing that a default rate customer can switch off of default service at any time.

In contrast, an active commercial electricity choice participant can receive the very best offers from electricity suppliers as they know the customer will enter into a contract for a locked rate. When a commercial customer enters into a fixed rate contract, the supplier will buy a block of power in advance for the customer for the term of the agreement in the wholesale electricity market. While the supplier will be responsible for scheduling the power to the customer at a specific rate, PPL will continue to be responsible for delivering the power to the commercial customer.

Unlike the residential electricity market in PPL where suppliers offer the same rate to all customers no matter if you live in a one bedroom apartment or own mansion, commercial electricity rates for PPL customers are priced on a more individual basis and is based largely on exactly how much power the business is consuming. By using the Energy Business Matrix at ElectricRate.com a commercial customer serviced by PPL can easily find the lowest commercial electricity rate for their specific property. By receiving quotes from almost a dozen electricity suppliers on a daily basis, customers feel confident that they are getting the lowest PPL commercial electricity rates, which they are able to view on a simple online platform.

If you are a PPL commercial customer, look for low rates on our energy price matrix by entering the correct information below.

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