JCPL Business Electric Rates

Attention JCPL Small Business Customers:

– New Jersey customers in the JCPL area are seeing savings of up to 20%
There are No Switching Fees, and you’ll continue to get the same exact bill, but with a lower rate.


Current Lowest JCPL Electricity Prices

• You Now Have a Choice when it comes to who supplies your electricity

• You can Save 10-20% on your monthly electric bill

• No Switching Fees, No Interruption of Service, and JCPL remains your electric utility.


About Electric Choice

Customers who have not chosen a competitive supplier pay the JCPL default rate for electric supply. The rate is determined by an auction that JCPL holds for electric suppliers to bid on the right to service default rate customers. Competitive rates will save you money on your electric bill.


Save Money While Remaining a JCPL Customer

JCPL wants you to shop and find a lower rate! This is because JCPL is a regulated utility in charge of the electricity delivery. They will remain the company you call in the event of power failure, and they will also continue to send you your monthly electric bill.

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