Best Illinois Power Rates

Illinois power rates are dropping for customers who are embracing electricity choice. People who are taking the time to compare electric rates and companies in Illinois are finding substantial savings versus the incumbent utility (ComEd, Ameren) default rates.

When customers do not shop for lower power rates they automatically pay the utility price to compare rate. The price to compare rate is determined by an auction process that ComEd and Ameren have for competitive Illinois power companies. The power companies bid to provide power for a portion of customers still paying default service.

Changing power companies does not involve repair men coming to your home and playing with the electric lines and wires. There is no interruption of service and no difference in the quality of power. The decision to change power companies is simply about choosing a new rate plan. While to the majority of energy shoppers the best Illinois power rate is the cheapest, for some it might be the rate plan that gives the most long term security by fixing a rate for up to three years. Other consumers might find comfort in paying a little more for power than is derived from wind turbines or other green energy sources.

If the best power rate to you is the lowest, it is easy to compare energy rates by using energy comparison sites and tools. Energy comparison sites that clearly compare electric prices to the utility default rate and show the savings are the easiest for consumers to clearly see the comparison and savings. Find the best Illinois power rates below from our updated Illinois power rate database.

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