About Electric Rate

Choosing a new electricity or gas provider can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help homeowners, renters and businesses make the right choice. The choice that will facilitate savings and give them added peace of mind. We present consumers with cost-saving opportunities from various suppliers so they can compare which plan makes the most sense and saves them the most.

While Electric Rate is an energy price comparison website with an emphasis on providing customers with energy choices. We also try to educate consumers with information and tools that can help them understand their specific state market. As deregulated electricity spreads to various states, we are here to help consumers take advantage of those savings!

We’re not here to sell you on any plan or service. We’re here to get you those savings that you rightly deserve! Why you may ask? Because we’re consumers too! And as the golden rule states “Treat others as you want to be treated”.

Here at Electric Rate, our goal is to demonstrate comparable electricity plans and comparable gas plans that can provide you savings on your monthly electricity bill. All our recommendations are backed by data and absolutely no fictitious information as you are likely to find somewhere else on the internet.

Commercial Electricity

In addition to providing an easy way for consumers to compare commercial electricity rates, we also have a full in-house broker desk that allows us to bid out large electricity purchases for businesses and organizations that spend over $10,000 a month on electricity. We have built relationships with close to two dozen energy suppliers who are eager to bid on our customer’s energy contracts.

As an energy buyer’s broker, we represent our customers in finding the best overall offer. We are unbiased as our service fee, paid by the energy supplier as a referral fee, is the same for all suppliers. For more information regarding our Broker Desk, email us at [email protected]

Who We Are

Electric Rate is run and owned by an Energy Consulting Firm with multiple Energy Professional licenses – including an Electricity Aggregation License and Electric Generation Broker License – and a management team with over 30 years of deregulated energy market experience.

Our staff brings some of the best minds from the energy sector, web development, and customer service industries to create the ultimate energy comparison and shopping experience for Internet-savvy consumers. We strive to keep our visitors up to date with the lowest competitive pricing, local utility default rates, green energy choices, and energy legislation changes affecting energy choice.