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For a while now, Pennsylvania has been a free choice market when it comes to shopping for electricity. This has allowed for PPL consumers to have much more of a say in who they choose and what they pay for their electricity. It gives the consumer a lot of power that they did not have before when it comes to shopping for electricity. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” In this case, I believe it to be the customer’s responsibility to be educated about what it means to shop for PPL Electricity and how being able to choose their own electricity supplier can benefit them greatly.

Because the PPL market is still fairly young, in terms of how well the transition of Pennsylvania deregulation has gone thus far, there are companies out there that are trying to exploit this fresh market of opportunity. This is how any new frontier is felt out, which is even more of a reason to stay informed about how Shopping for rates works. You may have heard horror stories or unfortunately may have had a bad experience shopping for electricity yourself. So we have provided you with some straight on basic pointers and guidelines about how to find the most competitive rates that are available in the PPL market and how to shop through the endless list of electricity suppliers.

First of all, always choose a FIXED RATE CONTRACT. You never want to be caught in the middle of a sudden spike in the Pennsylvania market and not be protected by a fixed rate contract. One of the worse things you can do is go with a third party supplier in a variable rate situation. The companies have to make their money somewhere, and with variable rates, the damage that can be done is unlimited. If a rate seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. While the commitment of a cancellation fee might seem like a hassle, it is important to understand that it is simply the price you pay for securing your rate and protecting yourself from an electric bill that could be triple or more of what you were expecting. The PPL default price to compare, though not as volatile as competitive variable rates, does change every three months and can rise quickly. Locking in a long term fixed PPL electricity rate, one that is a year or longer, will give you the satisfaction of knowing the price you pay for power will not increase during the term of the agreement.

Now if you are going to go with the security of a fixed rate contract. I would suggest doing a little homework on the company. Basically, you want to ensure they are pretty well established. You don’t want to go with the new guy writing checks he essentially can’t cash. His company will go bankrupt and sell off your contract, with you being none the wiser until you get that surprise bill. All electricity companies offers listed on have been pre-approved by and are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.

With the new free choice market allowing you to shop PPL for your own electricity supplier you hold all the power. Just keep in mind, you are not always going to get the absolute lowest rate offered in a given year, and that’s ok. You can shop for PPL Electricity and still get one of the most competitive rates available, which is going to save you money in the end. This is the entire purpose of having the option to shop for PPL electricity. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to weed through all the mess and follow these guidelines? Shop for PPL electricity rates from our list of approved offers and suppliers licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

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