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Energy Comparison

ElectricRate.com is the leading energy comparison site offering electricity rates for customers in deregulated energy markets.

Taking the time to perform energy provider comparisons to get an energy price comparison can be a timely and agitating process.  Often the information you are looking for is not readily available on energy supplier websites, and calling their 800 number will you leave you with many unanswered questions.

Our electric price comparison database lets consumers see multiple electricity rate offers at once.  Energy shoppers can see in a clean and simple spreadsheets what different electric rates look life for different contract lengths, as well as see how much money they will save on their electric bill when comparing the energy supply rates to the utility default rates.

The electric comparison site also gives customers a chance to see promotional offers so that they can make the most of their electricity choice.  Start using ElectricRate.com today to compare energy prices and energy providers in PPL, PECO, PSEG, JCPL, CPL, BGE, Texas, Atlantic City Electric, Rockland Electric, Orange and Rockland, Duquesne Light, and more.

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