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Baltimore Gas and Electric Choice

Baltimore Gas and Electric residential customers are getting favorable electricity rate offers.  Though Maryland has experienced electricity choice since 2004, many third party electricity suppliers delayed entering the market as state politicians repeatedly talked about re-regulating the states electricity.

Now that most politicians, and more importantly most Maryland residences, are on board with electric choice, more electricity companies have started offering competitive electric rates to Maryland citizens.  This has resulted in a robust competitive market with electric rate savings potential for customers living in many of the states utility areas, including BG&E.

With the passage of the electricity competition act, BGE was transformed from a regulated monopoly that controlled electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, into just a regulated distribution (delivery) company.  The fact is that BG&E is not in the competitive electricity business and wants to see their customers participate in energy choice by comparing electricity prices.  When a customer chooses an alternative electric supplier, that customer remains a BG&G customer; BG&E continues to manage and maintain the electricity lines and wires, as well as send out the monthly electric bill to their customers.  In most cases a customer will continue to receive one electric bill per month, and that bill will come from BG&E.

Currently electric rate savings are available for BGE customers who are still on the BGE default service, known as the price to compare.  The price to compare is the generation rate that is passed through BG&E by electricity companies who participated in an auction process to serve BG&E default customers.  BG&E does not profit from their price to compare rates, and therefore does not care if their customers leave the default rate for a lower electric price.

BG&E Residential Electricity Prices (current default rate = 10.07 Cents):

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