Why Is My Residential PECO Bill So High?

If you recently got a PPL electric bill that was much higher than you were expecting you are not alone.  The PPL price to compare electric rate, the electricity supply rate given to customers who have not chosen a competitive supplier, increased by 34% for the majority of small and medium size businesses who are serviced by Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL).

Over 100,000 businesses in the PPL region which includes the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hazleton, and Scranton, will see the increase on their July PPL electric bill.  The good news for these companies is that they don’t have to be stuck with the high rate, which is over 13 cents, all summer.  They reason their electric bills have increased is because they have not shopped for competitive electricity prices and are still on PPL default supply rates.

Lower competitive electric rates are available in Pennsylvania, and especially in the PPL region.  These businesses should not look at competitive electric suppliers as being competitors of PPL, but rather competitors of each other.  PPL is not competing for business.  PPL serves as the electricity distribution company for their regulated region which is in central Pennsylvania.  The distribution rates, also found on the electric bill, are regulated charges by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  The generation supply rates are now competitive, and PPL simply passes through default rates to their customers who have not chosen an alternative supplier.

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