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Texans Energy

About Texans Energy

Since 2007, Texans Energy served the deregulated energy market of Texas by supplying local residents and businesses with electricity plans. It offered both fixed-rate plans of nine, twelve, and 24 months duration or variable, no-contract rates with a fluctuating price per kilowatt-hour of electricity, based on the wholesale energy costs.

However, in 2020, Texans Energy was bought by NRG Energy, one of the biggest power sellers in Texas, with brand names like Reliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Discount Power. The change went into effect in July 2020 when the accounts of Texans Energy’s residential customers transitioned to Discount Power and small business customers became Cirro Energy customers. The terms and conditions of existing customers’ contracts remained in place, following the transition.

NRG has been on a buying binge, including last year’s $300 million purchase of the retail power and natural gas company Stream Energy. The Texas electricity market has been deregulated since 2001 and today, over 85% of Texas territory has energy choice (with only a few exceptions, like Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso). 

Why Texans Energy

Unfortunately, since 2020 the Texas electricity provider Texans Energy is no longer in business, but there’s no reason to despair. All residential customers with current Texans Energy service contracts were automatically switched to Discount Power, another electricity company.

Discount Power received an A+ accreditation from the energy marketplace watchdog Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2014 and it proudly upholds it since. Apart from reliable energy plans, it offers additional benefits, including quality customer service, rewards points that can be spent on spend on shopping, dining, travel, and movies, and donations to charities, on behalf of its customers.

What are some of the other benefits that Discount Power offers?

discount power pay bill

No frills, no hidden fees - Discount Power offers competitive, easy and down-to-earth plans on basic electricity service for Texans, with no hidden charges or extra fees. The company prides itself on being straight with the customers - by offering good customer service for a reasonable price.

discount power rewardsYou’ll get a $50 bill credit when you become a new electricity consumer with Discount Power by using promo code KATYHOMES. Contact Discount Power by phone on 1-877-455-4674 to find out more information.
discount power customer serviceDiscount Power has a no-frills website - it doesn't offer slick analytical tools, such as monthly usage reports. However, Texan household and company customers can log into their online accounts, where they can manage their monthly plan or pay the bill, making them flexible on the go.

Shop For Texans Energy Rates

Residential Electric Rate

Texans Energy doesn’t exist anymore and its existing residential customers were transferred to Discount Power, another Texas electricity company.

Are you looking for a better energy plan for your household? You might want to compare all energy plans available in your zip code before you make a decision. Luckily for you, our website makes it easy by aggregating the best energy offers from reputable providers and displaying them as a list. All you need to do is enter your zip code and if you find an energy plan that you like, you can sign up right then and there.

Commercial Electric Rate

Following the buy-out of Texans Energy by NRG, the existing business customer accounts got transferred to Cirro Energy in July 2020. What that means for you as the customer is that your next electric service bill will most likely come on the Cirro Energy letterhead.

You can search for another commercial electric rate on our website ElectricRate. Our long time relationships with the Electric Providers allow us to negotiate and deliver the lowest electric rate that’s right for your business.

Our Business Electricity Matrix allows your business to monitor, analyze, and lock in a low fixed commercial electric rate by comparing different term lengths with different start month dates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 1-888-307-9636.

Texans Energy Service Areas

Texan Energy serviced all energy-deregulated areas of Texas, including Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, west Texas, south Texas, and the Valley.

If you currently don’t live in Texas, but you’d still like to switch your electric supply to another provider, you can. There are currently 18 energy deregulated U.S. states where the customer has the choice to shop for energy plans. Enter your zip code in our website to see the available plans in your area.

Texans Energy Reviews

Customer reviews can be very misleading. Customers, who take the time to leave a review are often motivated either by a particularly negative, one-off experience with their energy provider or somehow incentivized to write a positive, and not always truthful review. That is not to say that all online reviews are untrue, but a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted when scrolling through a website with a streak of five-star reviews. 

However, there are a couple of relatively unbiased institutions that seek to improve trust between Texans and businesses – a non-profit market analyst Better Business Bureau and the regulatory institution Public Utility Commission of Texas.

If your Texans’ customer service account was switched to Discount Energy, make sure you check out your new electricity provider on the BBB website as well. If you are unhappy with the transition and you currently aren’t locked in a contract, you can shop for electricity plans on our website to see if there’s a better deal out there for you to snatch.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Texans Energy.

How Do I Pay My Texans Energy Bill?

In 2020, Texans Energy was bought by NRG Energy, transitioning the accounts of existing Texans’ customers to Discount Power and Cirro Energy. If your account went to Discount Power, you have multiple ways to pay your bill:

  • Pay by Mail – Send a check to P.O. Box 2229, Houston, TX 77252-2229
  • Pay by Phone – Call 1-713-423-6970 to settle your bill over the phone
  • Choose Autopay and never worry about missing a bill payment again

Do I Have To Sign a Contract To Become a Customer?

The answer depends on the type of energy plan you choose. If you opt for a fixed-rate contract, you are locking your price for a kilowatt-hour of electricity for a set period of time. These plans often require signing a contract and unfortunately, often carry early cancellation fees. If you decide on a variable-rate contract, your price per kilowatt-hour of electricity varies at the discretion of the electricity provider. You don’t need to sign a contract and you are free to switch anytime.

Has Texans Energy Gone Out Of Business?

Texans Energy was bought by NRG Energy, one of the biggest sellers of Texas electricity, with brand names like Reliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Discount Power in 2020. The change went into effect in July 2020 when the accounts of Texans Energy’s residential customers transitioned to Discount Power and small businesses, signed up with Texans’ Energy became Cirro Energy customers.

The new companies have to honor the existing terms and conditions for the entire duration of Texans customers’ contracts. The only thing that changes for you as the customer is the customer service number to get in touch with the electricity provider and a different company name on your monthly electricity bill.

Does Texans Energy offer 100% renewable electricity plans?

In 2020, Texans Energy was bought by NRG Energy, transitioning the accounts of existing Texans’ customers to Discount Power and Cirro Energy. Neither of these Texas energy providers offers green plans as part of their portfolio. If you live in Texas and are interested in switching to a 100% renewable energy rate, enter your zip code and compare deals available in your area.

Who is Discount Power?

Discount Power is an independent electricity supplier based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2008, it now serves hundreds of thousands of commercial and residential customers across the state, offering simple, no-frills electricity plans for a convenient monthly price, including options of Autopay, paperless billing, and quality customer service.

In 2020, after Texans Energy was bought by an energy giant NRG, all Texans residential customers were transitioned to Discount Power to continue their existing contracts.

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