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About Smart Prepaid Electric

Texas residents interested in switching electric suppliers and reducing their electric bills don’t necessarily have to get locked in a fixed-rate contract. A convenient alternative is to choose a pay-as-you-go alternative with a Houston based supplier Smart Prepaid Electric. Founded in 2002, the energy company lets Texans sign up for an account, then pay in advance for the energy they’ll use during that month. In order to be eligible for service, you must have a smart meter at home, which the supplier uses to set up your connection. All you then need to do is top up your account and start using electricity.

Smart Prepaid Electric is part of the Just Energy Group, another Texas electricity provider with two million residential and household customers.

Interested in prepaid service? If you are considering becoming a customer, you can get in touch with the Texas provider in one of the following ways:

Why Choose Smart Prepaid Electric

What are the benefits of signing up with Smart Prepaid Electric?

smart-prepaid-electric-switchNo deposits, no contracts - Texans who value convenience will enjoy the flexibility that comes with prepaid energy. You won't have to pay a deposit, there will be no credit check and you are free to switch any time.
smart-prepaid-electric-pay-billTracking your usage - Smart Prepaid Electric will track and adjust your usage daily, which you can monitor in the online customer account, but also by texting "balance" via SMS to 1-713-489-6087 (or calling the customer service center).

Compare Electricity Rates From Other Suppliers

Prepaid electricity might be the right choice for some Texans, but not for others. The downside of the pay-as-you-go system is the variable rate, which means that the price you pay for a kilowatt-hour of electricity will fluctuate based on the wholesale energy price. You are also running the risk of forgetting to top up your account and being disconnected from service. If you prefer stability (or if you are a forgetful person), you might choose to opt for fixed-rate electricity plans instead. Locking in a good rate means that your price per unit won’t change for the whole duration of your contract. And there are plenty of cheap rates in the Texas energy market to choose from. Just enter your zip code to compare available rates in your area.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Smart Prepaid Electric.

What’s prepaid electricity?

Instead of paying your electric bill for the previous month’s usage, with prepaid electricity, you pay upfront – topping it up as you go. The main advantage of prepaid electric service is that they don’t require security deposits or credit checks. You also won’t be locked in a contract and are free to switch anytime. The downside is the variable electricity rates – which will fluctuate, based on the wholesale energy price.

How do I sign up with Smart Prepaid Electric?

Thinking about signing up for prepaid electricity? Smart Prepaid Electric makes it easy! The only prerequisite is to have a smart meter at home. If you do, you are all set. You can choose to enroll online or by phone on 1-877-773-3133 and immediately top up your customer account with a debit/credit card.

How do I pay my Smart Prepaid Electric bill?

There are actually a number of ways in which the Smart Prepaid Electric customer can pay for his bill in Texas:

  • Pay online by topping up your online account
  • Pay by phone on 1-877-773-3133 (24×7 for automated payment)
  • Send a check to 5251 Westheimer Rd Ste 1000, Houston, TX, 77056 (just make sure it gets there before your balance runs down to zero)
  • Pay by Smart Card by convenient topping up in a variety of retail shops

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