How Can PA Power Switch Benefit You?

Energy Choice in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania decided in favor of energy deregulation in 1996, hoping it would lower the average residential electric rates for its residents. Since then, some 2.1 million households and 250,000 businesses have switched electric suppliers which according to the Pennsylvania PUC Chairman, John M. Quain, resulted in the decrease in average electric rates in the state by more than 10%.

Pennsylvania residents interested in shopping for an electricity provider have two options. One is PA Power Switch, the official state energy comparison tool, run by the PPUC. The other is comparing and switching energy suppliers on ElectricRate’s website. We will look at both options in more detail below.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PPUC)

The role of the PPUC is to regulate the Pennsylvania energy suppliers and rates, ensure safe and reliable services for customers, and educate consumers about their utility options.

The organization owns and operates the official energy rates comparison website Pennsylvania Power Switch, where Pennsylvanian residents can compare available electric and natural gas rates from certified energy suppliers. The suppliers displayed on the website have to be qualified by the PPUC, based on stringent criteria.

Utility customers may call the PPUC’s hotline at 1-800-692-7380 or send a letter to P.O. Box 3265 Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265.

PA Power Switch

Coinciding with the Pennsylvania energy deregulation, the PA Power Switch online portal was founded by the PPUC to educate Pennsylvanians about their energy choice. The website offers several useful links, including guidelines on how to read your electric bill, explanations of different types of energy products, tips on how to choose an electric provider and of course, a place where you can enter your zip code and compare available electricity and natural gas rates in your area.

Educating the State on Power Options

When PA Power to Switch was first created, the intention was to help educate the energy customers about the changes to the Pennsylvania electricity market. Switching suppliers was a new experience for Pennsylvanians, since before they had no choice in who supplied their electricity and for what price.

When the energy deregulation came about, many Pennsylvanians were overwhelmed by the options they suddenly had available. Take for example different energy plan types available on PA Power Switch:

PlanPlan Description
Unlimited UsageUnlimited usage” plan is not based on a kilowatt per hour (kWh), but rather on a flat rate monthly rate for energy. The electric distribution charges will be billed separately by your utility company.
Variable-RateOn a variable energy tariff, your unit energy price can vary at the discretion of your provider. These plans are often more flexible, but also more expensive than a fixed-rate plan.
Fixed-RateThis tariff allows you to lock in the unit price of gas or electricity for the duration of the contract, protecting you from sudden spikes in the wholesale cost of energy. These plans are cheaper but usually carry a penalty if you decide to exit the contract early.

Helping Pennsylvania Residents Pay Their Electricity Bills

Another big part of what the PPUC does is helping Pennsylvanians pay their electricity bills. There are several programs available across the state to help with your electric costs, including:

  • Budget Billing – On this program, your energy bills get averaged out over 12 months, so each monthly bill will be the same amount until your total bill is paid.
  • Customer Assistance Program (CAP) – Low-income households agree to make regular monthly payments, which are usually less than the current bill, in exchange for continued utility service.

…and others.

Why is ElectricRate A Better Comparison Site than PA Power Switch?

Like PA Power Switch, ElectricRate also allows you to compare available Pennsylvania electricity rates, but our web-based comparison tool also offers additional benefits.

duke-energy-apples-to-applesSwitch to your new service in a few clicks - When you enter your zip code on ElectricRate, you will not only see all rates, with the cheapest deals displayed on the top of the list, but you can also sign up immediately with just a few clicks.
apples-to-apples-comparisonAll the information you need in one place - As customers, we all like excellent customer service and extras. That's why at ElectricRate, we carefully review all major suppliers and compile information about customer support hours, ratings, and extra benefits that they provide, such as attractive referral programs, complementary goods, and value-add services.
apples-to-apples-ohio-electricGet the support you need: Our team at ElectricRate is ready to provide ongoing support to customers, including helping you choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle, notifying you when your plan is about to expire and any additional support you might need. All you need to do is give us a call at 1-888-307-9636 or email  [email protected]


How Much Does a kWh Cost in PA?

Thanks to energy deregulation, the average residential electric rates in Pennsylvania are below the national U.S. average, costing approximately 10.1 cents per kilowatt-hour. Of course, the price you pay will depend on your electric supplier and the type of plan you are on. It never hurts to look around for a better deal and reduce your electric costs.

How to Switch Energy Provider in PA?

In Pennsylvania, all residents have the right to select the energy service provider of their choice. In order to switch, you can use the official state energy comparison site called PA Power Switch, run by the PPUC. Alternatively, compare available rates by entering your zip code on ElectricRate – we review all major suppliers in your state to bring you the best rates – whether you are after fixed, variable, or renewable energy.

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