Philadelphia Power Companies

Gone are the days when everyone living in Philadelphia was forced to buy their power from PECO Energy. 2011 has brought real choices for Philadelphia energy consumers allowing them to shop and compare electricity prices from over a dozen competitive power companies; and those power companies are offering electricity at prices that are saving customers substantial amounts on their electric bills.

While Philadelphia residences now can purchase their power supply from alternative energy companies, PECO Energy continues to play an important role for the city. The Pennsylvania electric choice act has made PECO energy the regulated utility for Philadelphia. This means that PECO Energy is responsible for delivering the power to Philadelphia homes and businesses, maintaining the lines and wires, and responding to power failures and emergencies.

Choosing to purchase your electricity from a competitive power company will not end your relationship with PECO Energy as they will still send you your monthly electric bill, which will have their regulated delivery charges and the competitive generation charges that you select from an alternative power company.

Those who have not selected an alternative power company pay a default rate for their generation charges. Competitive rates from power companies are available that are lower than the default rates (see below).

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