Lowest Electricity Rates in Cincinnati

Through Ohio electricity choice consumers living in Cincinnati are now able to shop for low competitive electric rates. States that have deregulated their energy markets are seeing an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers. As choice awareness increases throughout Ohio, consumers living in Cincinnati can expect to see an increase in the number of alternative electric suppliers competing for business.

In the past Duke Energy was the sole supplier for Cincinnati. The unbundling of Duke Energy allows consumers to power shop from several of competitive electricity companies now offering electricity prices in Cincinnati. However, no matter which competitive power supplier a customer chooses, Duke Energy continues to deliver the power through the transmission and distribution lines ensuring the quality and safety of the power.

Besides the obvious reasons for taking the time to power shop, Cincinnati consumers can elect to purchase their power from companies offering electricity generated from wind power or other renewable sources. Also, consumers might wish to lock in a fixed rate for a long period of time in order to protect themselves from the potential of future rate hikes, even if the long term fixed rate will only show modest savings initially.

Electricity choice is alive and well in Cincinnati. Look here to keep track of who has the lowest electricity rate in Cincinnati.

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