Lowest Electric Rates in New York City

Electricity choice in New York City allows citizens of the most populated city in the U.S. to choose the company that supplies them with light and power. With multiple electricity companies competing for new customers, consumers are provided with lower prices, more product options, and improved customer service. One of the best features of New York City electric choice is that despite the fact that consumers can change who supplies their power, the company that delivers power to their home remains the reliable Con Edison.

Con Edison remains the regulated electric delivery company for the majority of New York City and Westchester County. With electricity deregulation, the power industry is divided into two main sections, the regulated delivery section, and the competitive supply section. New York City electric customers who do not participate and look to compare electric rates pay a default rate for electric supply through Con Edison which is regulated by the state of New York. Con Edison customers might look to the competitive market to lock in low fixed rates that will not fluctuate for the next year or two. Another reason to shop for power is to support the environment by buying green energy through power companies that sell electricity generated by wind turbines or hydro plants.

Most consumers who are looking into electricity choice in New York are concerned about price. With an abundance of price volatility in the wholesale energy markets in recent years, locking in a low fixed electric rate to provide price security has become a smart strategy for customers who are trying to budget their energy expenditures. While consumers can provide themselves with budget certainty on their Con Edison electric bill, they don’t have to worry about a decline in power quality or service as Con Edison continues to deliver power and respond to emergencies the same way as they only did. New York electricity choice strictly deals with buying electricity supply, which is then delivered through regulated lines and wires.

Below are competitive electric rates for Con Edison customers living in New York City.

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