Low National Grid Electric Rates in Massachusetts

Massachusetts consumers are getting more acquainted with competitive electricity suppliers who are now offering low electric rates to replace high utility supply default rates. Residential customers who receive their power from National Grid, Massachusetts largest electric utility, experienced large rate increases on their electricity supply default price in 2014. These rate increases imposed by Massachusetts National Grid do not affect consumers who are purchasing their power supply from a competitive electricity company.

Prior to 2014, few residential customers of Massachusetts National Grid were aware of energy choice and their ability to shop around for lower electric rates. However, after sharp increases that have affected consumer’s electric bills to increase, more and more people are taking the time to find a low National Grid electric rate in Massachusetts in order to avoid paying the higher default rate.

Though Massachusetts electricity choice allows for outside companies to offer competitive power prices to consumers, all companies offering rates must be licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. The Department of Public Utilities provides guidelines for competitive electricity suppliers in order to avoid bad marketing practices and help consumers understand energy choice in the clearest possible way. Due to volatile and increasing utility default rates, energy choice awareness in Massachusetts is becoming more and more important for consumers in order to manage their energy expenses now and into the future. Below are some of the better competitive electricity rate options for customers in Massachusetts who are serviced by National Grid. All rate offers have been approved by the state Department of Public Utilities.

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