Low Electric Rates for Atlantic City Electric Customers

Atlantic City Electric customers who have not shopped for competitive rates saw their default electric rates increase by 18% on October 1. The increase is expected to stay in effect through February of 2012. Whether or not the rates will increase or decrease at that point is anyone’s guess.

Electricity customers in the southern New Jersey area serviced by Atlantic City Electric enjoyed low energy prices over the summer paying on average 10.37 cents per kWh for the basic generation service energy and transmission charges. This rate increased to 12.23 cents on October 1. New Jersey electric customers serviced by Atlantic City Electric will not see the increase on their bill until the November electric bill arrives which will charge for the October service period.

In response to the higher rates many consumers have began to shop for lower competitive electricity rates. Current competitive offers are yielding savings above 15% current Atlantic City Electric default rates. NJ electric choice gives consumers the ability to lower their electric bills and no accept high energy rates imposed by Atlantic City Electric.

As of August, The NJ Board of Public Utilities reported that the Atlantic City Electric customer switch rate is the highest among the four New Jersey electric utility companies. However, at 12.5%, the switch rate is still relatively low. With the Atlantic City Electric rate hikes now in effect, over 85% of electricity users living in southern New Jersey are paying more than they have to for electricity. To start saving money, compare these rates to current ACE electricity prices:

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