Garland Electricity Providers

As one of the major suburbs to Dallas, electricity providers in Texas compete harshly for customers in Garland by offering competitive rates and incentives. Garland consumers are able to shop among dozens of electricity providers due to the Texas electricity choice act. The number of Garland electricity providers is constantly changing as new companies move into the market, while sometimes others are forced out due to competition.

Garland, Texas is located northeast of Dallas and is the 12th largest city in Texas with a population of 233,564 people. The city saw a major rise in population following World War II. The 1950s census shows a 373% increase in population, the 1960s census shows a 264% increase, and the 1970s census shows a 111% increase.

Garland experienced some harsh economic times in the 1980s but then began to become involved in a number of beneficial industries such as metals, oil, electronics, and food and dairy. Currently, Garland’s top employer is Raytheon, which is a defense contractor that is a major manufacturer of weapons for the United States government.

Garland’s climate is considered humid subtropical. The city typically sees highs in the mid-90s in the summer and lows in the mid-30s in the winter months. Warm summers can cause electricity bills in Garland to spike as much as three times as high as the pleasant spring months of March and April. The increase in electricity consumption in the summer often causes Garland electricity rates to increase as well. To avoid the rate increase, many Garland consumers will lock in a low fixed electric rate before the summer arrives.

Below are Garland electricity providers and their lowest rate offers. All providers listed and licensed by the state of Texas to market their services to Texas electricity choice customers.

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