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Electric choice has taken full effect in Illinois. The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 provided customers with the option to shop and compare Illinois electric rates for the generation, or supply, a section of their bills. However, the electricity distribution, or delivery, continues to be performed by the local utility companies in Illinois, ComEd, and Ameren, and they continue to be regulated by the state utility commission.

Illinois got their first taste of electricity choice in 2007 when capped rates expired for commercial and industrial customers. This caused a frenzy of electric shopping for businesses throughout the state. However, the ComEd residential sector has not seen true energy choice until recently. The combination of high ComEd electricity default rates and low market prices have created big saving opportunities for ComEd residential customers.

The ComEd default rate is known as the Price to Compare. The Price to Compare is the electric rate that customers pay for their electricity generation if they do not shop and select an alternative electricity company. Revenues from Price to Compare rates are passed through ComEd to electricity generation companies who have won auctions to supply Price to Compare customers. The Illinois electric choice laws prevent ComEd from profiting off of Price to Compare rates; they are now only in the business of delivering (distributing) electricity to their 3.6 million customers. ComEd does not care if their customers choose alternative electricity companies for their electric generation.

The Price to Compare for ComEd residential customers is 7.921 through September 2011, and 7.753 from October to May 31, 2012. Here are some low electric rate offers from competitive electric companies and their electricity savings:

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