Delmarva Delaware Electric Choice

Customers in Delaware are finally receiving low electricity rate offers from competitive energy companies that can provide savings on their monthly Delmarva electric bill. In recent years Delaware power consumers have watched energy companies offer attractive electric rates to neighboring states Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania while skipping over the “The First State”.

Power companies have been slow to enter the Delaware market because of its relatively low population, and thus customer potential, compared to neighboring states. Delmarva Power, which serves as the major electric utility company in the state, serves over 500,000 residential energy customers. In comparison, the Pennsylvania electricity choice market has over 5 million residential consumers that electricity companies are able to solicit. However as electricity choice has expanded and customer awareness increased, competitive power companies are now seeing potential growth opportunities in the Delmarva Delaware power market.

Delaware electric choice gives power consumers the ability to shop for competitive electricity supply prices. However, consumers are still required to use Delmarva Power to deliver electricity to their home or business. The transmission and distribution of the power and the management of the power lines and wires remain regulated by the state of Delaware, and the responsibility of Delmarva Power. Delmarva also charges an electric supply default rate for those customers who do not participate in Delaware electric choice. The default rate, known as the price to compare, gives an easy way for consumers to compare a competitive electric rate versus what they are currently being charged. For example, if the Delmarva price to compare is 10 cents per KWh, and a competitive energy supplier is offering a rate of 8 cents, the customer can expect to save 20% on the electricity supply section of their Delmarva bill.

Even after a customer switches their electricity supply service off of Delmarva and onto a competitive supplier, Delmarva continues to send out the monthly electric bill to the customer and respond to power failures and emergencies. Electricity choice in Delaware is about lower prices and options. Nothing changes in regards to power quality and service. As more energy companies enter the Delaware choice market customers will have more rate options to choose from.

Below is a list of current electricity rates being offered to Delmarva Delaware customers. All rates are updated on a daily basis.

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