Compare Buffalo Electric Rates

Electricity choice in New York allows for citizens of Buffalo to compare electric rates being offered by several electricity suppliers. In the past, all Buffalo power consumers were forced to buy their power from National Grid, but now as the New York electricity choice market has matured consumers have a variety of options concerning their energy expenditure.

Comparing electric rates in Buffalo can mean different things to different people. The most common reason people look to shop and compare low electric rates is to save money on their National Grid electric bill. Buffalo consumers who do not shop for competitive electric rates pay a default rate with National Grid. The default rate can fluctuate substantially causing great unpredictability of what to expect the amount to be on the next electric bill. Competitive suppliers can offer customers low fixed electric rates and the ability to better budget future energy expenses.

By locking in a low fixed rate, Buffalo electricity customers can feel secure in the fact that they know exactly what rate they will be paying for a set period of time, usually ranging from 6 months to three years. For many people, this peace of mind is well worth the time it takes to shop and compare Buffalo electric rates.

Other reasons to participate in New York electric choice is to elect to buy green, or renewable, power as well as finds sign-up bonuses and incentives that many competitive electricity suppliers are offering new customers. offers a variety of rate options and choices for well educated New York energy consumers. Below is a list of our current New York electric rate options which are updated daily.

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