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The Ohio competitive electricity choice market allows customers who receive their electric bill from AEP to shop for low competitive electric prices. No longer do power users have to pay the rate allocated to them by the state. Instead consumers can participate in the market and find rate products that best fit their needs which can range from long term fixed rate protection for homeowners not intending to move, to short term variable rates for college students in town for a semester.

Learning from the success of other energy choice markets, Ohio has decided to keep the delivery portion of the power process regulated while opening up the supply portion. This means that AEP Ohio customers will continue to have their power delivered in the same safe and reliable manner no matter which electricity supplier they choose. AEP Ohio will also continue to respond to power outages, emergencies, as well as send the monthly electric bill to its customers. Consumers looking to save money on their monthly energy expenditure can simply compare electricity price offers from competitive energy companies to their AEP Ohio Price to Compare. The Price to Compare is the official term that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio uses to define the utility default rate that consumers pay for electricity supply who do not shop for competitive power rates. Find a low electricity rate that is less than the price to compare and you will find yourself paying less on your monthly AEP Ohio electric bill.

Many people who are new to the idea of energy choice often find these ideas too good to be true; a reduced electricity bill and nothing changes, not even my relationship with AEP Ohio? First it is important to understand that while Ohio is now open to energy choice, AEP Ohio is still a regulated electricity utility company who makes their money off of the regulated distribution charges found on the bill. They do not profit off of the default generation rates that they provide and therefor do not care if their customers elect to purchase their power supply from a competitive energy supplier.

The second thing to understand is that now all competitive energy companies are created equal. There is possibility that you will get an offer from a supplier that does sound too good to be true. Many companies will offer a teaser introductory rate that will rise rapidly after the first month. works hard to build relationships with solid energy companies who offer low fixed rates without any hidden charges. This allows Ohio customers to compare electricity prices in a simply and efficient manner. Below is a list of competitive electricity price offers in the AEP Ohio service area from companies we have vetted to be high quality with no hidden charges.


AEP Ohio Electricity Rates

ProviderPlan LengthRate
Tomorrow Energy12 months5.09¢ / kWh
Direct Energy11 months5.19¢ / kWh
Direct Energy12 months5.29¢ / kWh
Direct Energy18 months5.59¢ / kWh
Public Power12 months5.63¢ / kWh
Public Power24 months5.70¢ / kWh
Public Power36 months5.86¢ / kWh

Rates updated August 2022

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