Best PSEG Electricity Rates

Energy markets in New Jersey are seeing an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers. As the state’s largest utility, PSEG is leading the state in the number of customers who have chosen to buy power from an alternative supplier. The unbundling of PSEG allows consumers to compare electric rates from dozens of competitive electricity companies. The infusion of new competitive electricity companies is helping to spread the word to PSEG customers about New Jersey energy choice.

Many consumers new to energy choice don’t always understand how competition can benefit them. Lower electric rates, compared to their utility default rate, is the biggest reason people start shopping. For these consumers, the best PSEG electricity rate might be the lowest PSEG rate. However, the term of the contract offer should be taken into consideration. Often times the lowest PSEG competitive rate will be a variable rate which means that it can change after the first month. The variable rate still might be a good way to go depending on how much lower it is than the lowest fixed electric rate and how likely the customer thinks it will increase. Choice in PSEG gives the individual consumer the ability to make this decision on their own.

For some consumers, the price for the electricity that they pay is not as much as an issue as to how that power is derived or the image of the company providing the service. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for their electricity service in order to support green energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of power. Some people will look to the source of the power to determine the best electricity rate. Competiton in the energy markets also forces energy companies to compete for customers by improving their customer service.

The best PSEG electricity customer can vary among power customers, though the majority are most likely looking for the lowest fixed electric rate that will guarantee them savings on their PSEG electric bill. Finding the very best and lowest PSEG electricity rate can be a time consuming process. A reputable energy search and comparison site like has helped save over 3,000 New Jersey customers time and money. Find your best PSEG electricity rate below.

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