Best Electric Rate for Duquesne Light

Electricity customers in southwestern Pennsylvania who are served by the utility company Duquesne Light have an opportunity to save up to 23% on their electric bills by choosing an alternative electricity company for their power generation.

About one-fifth of residential power customers in the Duquesne Light area have shopped and selected a competitive electric supplier thus far. Duquesne Light continues to serve as the utility (electricity delivery company) for all of their customers no matter who they choose to supply the power. In most cases, Duquesne Light continues to send customers their monthly electric bill even after the switch has been made with the only change occurring on the bill in the form of the rate that is charged.

Customers who do not choose a competitive electricity supplier pay a default rate with Duquesne Light known as the Price to Compare. The Price to Compare is determined by auctions that Duquesne Light holds among electricity suppliers. Suppliers bid for the right to serve default customers, but have to take into account that at any time these customer can purchase their power from competitive suppliers. This forces suppliers who bid for default customers to include a premium in their prices.

With energy market prices having recently come down, Duquesne Light customers are presented with an opportunity to save big on their electric bill by locking in low fixed electric rates that would replace the higher default price to compare rates.

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