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Cheapest Connecticut Electricity Suppliers

The unbundling of CL&P and United Illuminating allows consumers to shop for power rates from dozens of competitive electricity suppliers now offering cheap electricity prices in Connecticut. States that have deregulated their energy markets have seen an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers when the incumbent utility raise their default rates above the prices offered by competitive electricity suppliers. Recently, both CL&P and United Illuminating default electricity rates have increased to levels above what is being offered in the competitive marketplace.

Connecticut Light & Power increased their price to compare default rate to $0.0999 per KWh on July 1st. According to, the best CL&P electricity rates are currently showing 19% savings versus the high default rate. Customer in the CL&P service area who do not select a competitive electricity supplier pay the default rate for generation supply. Meanwhile, the cheapest electricity suppliers offering service in The United Illuminating service area are providing savings of as much as 14% versus the local default rate.

Cheaper electric rates, compared to their utility default rate, is the biggest reason people shop for electricity rates offered by competitive suppliers. With CL&P and United Illuminating recently raising their default rates, competitive suppliers are taking notice of the opportunity to gain new customers. The cheapest Connecticut electricity suppliers will be the ones that gain the most new Connecticut customers.

Below are current competitive electricity rates offered to CL&P customers. If you receive your electric bill form United Illuminating, visit our Low United Illuminating Electric Rates page.

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