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Best ComEd Electricity Companies

The unbundling of ComEd allows consumers to power shop from dozens of competitive electricity companies now offering electricity prices in Illinois. Competitive electricity companies have entered the ComEd energy choice market in hopes of gaining market share by offering the best electricity rates and in some cases alternative green energy options. The popularity in electric rate shopping is spreading as neighbors and friends are helping to educate people on the benefits of finding the best ComEd electricity company to provide their home with power.

Determining who the best ComEd electricity company is depends on who is doing the shopping. For the majority of the consumer base, the primary reason they begin their research into competitive power prices is to save money. If you are able to find a electricity company offering a competitive rate that is lower than the ComEd price to compare default rate, you will be able to produce real bottom line savings on the monthly ComEd electric bill. Some of the best ComEd electricity companies are offering long term, low fixed rate plans to customers that provide instant savings as well as long term price protection.

There are a variety of other reasons why people decide to shop for electricity prices. In addition to lower electric bills, customers also have the choice to buy green energy alternatives such as wind and solar power. For some consumers the price for the electricity that they pay is not as much as an issue as how that power is derived. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for their electricity service in order to support green energy as opposed to traditional fossil fuel sources of power. For these consumers the best electricity company might be the one who offers a 100% green energy plan.

The Illinois electricity choice market provides many options for consumers of all types. Competition allows the creation of companies to focus their marketing efforts on certain types of consumers. Whether you are looking for the lowest price, cleanest energy, best customer service, or longest term price protection contract, there is a best ComEd electricity company for you.

Here are some current ComEd electricity price offers. All offers are from companies who are licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

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