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Save on Energy in Wichita Falls

Many electricity companies compete for customers in Wichita Falls through Texas electric choice. Wichita Falls consumers have the ability to save on energy expenses, however in order to do so they must stay on top of the market from time to time and make sure they are paying a competitive rate.

Wichita Falls is a city in Texas that is located 15 miles south of the Oklahoma border. The city is currently home to 104,552 residents. It is the 31st largest city in Texas. Wichita Falls covers about 70.69 square miles of land, the majority of which lies in the Oncor electric utility region which provides electricity choice, allowing customers to save on their energy bills by shopping the market. The city attributes much of it’s original economic growth to the railroad as well as the many energy companies that started out there. Companies such as, Conoco Phillips and American Petrofina were based in Wichita Falls in the mid 1900s.

Wichita Falls activities cater to veterans, children, and to those who enjoy the outdoors. Many of their community events are dedicated to after school fishing trips or horseback riding. There are a number of festivals like the Cajun Festival held here, and a number of shows, such as coins, stamps, guns, and knives. The city is also home to many semi-successful minor league teams in the areas of football, basketball, and hockey.

Wichita Falls has a warm climate, sometimes reaching higher temperatures than those in the desert. Due to a series droughts over the last decade, Wichita Falls had planned on running out of water in 2012. There are a number of laws and regulations in place for water conservation. One of the city’s strategies is to reuse water to avoid taking 5 million gallons out of Lake Arrowhead.

The warm weather in Wichita Falls can result in large electric bills for customer who don’t stay on top of their bills and sign new fixed rate electricity contracts when their old agreements come to an end. Texas electricity suppliers will place their customers who have not renewed their contracts on a variable electric rate plan which can be very dangerous for the consumer. In order to save on energy in Wichita Falls, customers should make sure that they are always locked into a fixed rate.

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