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Compare Tyler Texas Electricity Rates and Companies

While electricity delivery service in the city of Tyler, Texas is regulated, forcing all customer to use Oncor at prices regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, consumers in Tyler are free to shop and compare electric rates among dozens of competitive electricity companies. These companies offer a variety of electric rate options for Tyler customers to compare.

Tyler, Texas is a city that has become famous for it’s flowers. It is home to one of the largest rose gardens in America. They are also known for having azaleas decorated throughout the town. Tyler is the place to find beautiful historical homes, antique treasures, and historical districts and museums.

Tyler is located 90 miles east of Dallas. Cropland covers about 60% of the land, while forest takes up 36%, and rivers and lakes make up the remaining 3%. The weather can be quite unpredictable. From May to September it is considered the warm months, providing hot and humid summer seasons. November to February is considered to be the cooler months. The warmer months can cause variable electric rate plans to rise substantially. Locking in a low fixed rate should be considered when comparing Tyler electricity rates.

Tyler is home to a number of universities and schools, including the University of Texas at Tyler. For younger students, this makes the town an exciting place to live. Tyler is also surrounded by many smaller towns and cities, where students and university workers in Tyler reside. With students often signing rental leases for less than a year, many Tyler electricity companies offer fixed rate plans with low term commitments. Nine and six month fixed rate plans are popular for college students renting apartments in Tyler.

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