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Changing Competitive Electricity Suppliers

If you are currently with an electricity supplier then that means you have at some point in time searched the open market for competitive electricity rates. Now your current supplier has contacted you and informed you that your contract is coming to an end and they want you to renew with them. However, though they may have had a competitive rate when you signed on with them the first time, their renewal rate may not be as competitive as you like. Perhaps you have found a much lower electric rate by comparing rates in your area on our rate search engine and would like to select a new supplier.

If you have shopped with us in the past or are just now coming to our site to fish around for low electric rates, you will see that we offer locked-in low rates with no hidden fees. You can compare the prices and terms for yourself and once again choose a plan that works best for you.

One of the greatest perks to signing up through us is that we will handle the switch for you. We will contact your old electric supplier for you and let them know you are switching. Just let us know when your current contract term is ending, and we will ensure that your new one will begin when it does. You don’t have to worry about contacting your old supplier and telling them that you no longer want to be their customer. As a customer of we do the dirty work for you. Our service is providing our customers with the lowest electric rates in their area to compare, and keeping them on the lowest rate structures year in and year out.

Another convenient factor to our site is that when we inform our customers when their current contract is about to expire, we provide renewal rates from all the suppliers that we work with and not just the supplier who the customer is currently with. This allows customers the ability to keep their electric bill costs down in the long run. We are constantly keeping up with the electricity prices in the market to ensure that our customers are always getting the best electricity price deal.

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