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How Do I Find A Cheaper Electricity Rate in Pennsylvania

If you are a citizen of Pennsylvania you may be surprised to learn that you have the ability to pay a cheaper electricity rate than the default rate given to you by your local utility company. The Pennsylvania Energy Choice program allows for private energy companies to offer competitive electric rates to Pennsylvania consumers. In many cases the competitive rates are cheaper than utility default rates, which has spurred Pennsylvania into one of the leading competitive energy choice markets in the country. Many people who visit Pennsylvania are surprised to see all of the billboards and commercials advertising energy companies. They are forced to pay the electricity rate that their state tells them to, and might be a little jealous of the flexibility enjoyed by Pennsylvania consumers.

While most industry analysts consider PA electricity choice to be a success, there are still hundreds of thousands of energy customers who have not figured out how to find a cheaper electricity rate. While electricity choice can be beneficial to consumers it can also be very confusing. In any industry there will always be marketers who will try to acquire customers at any means necessary, and the energy choice industry is no different. However, if you are able to push the bad offers and hidden fees out of view, you will be left with honest low electricity rates from reputable companies (please note, all electricity rate offers on have been screened to ensure accuracy and reliability).

So lets answer the question: How do I find a cheaper electricity rate in Pennsylvania?

First you have to know what rate you are comparing against which would be your utility default rate. The state of Pennsylvania officially calls the default rate you pay your “Price to Compare”. The “Price to Compare” includes charges for generation, transmission, and the gross receipts tax (GRT). You can see on your electric bill the charges for generation and transmission. The GRT charges are embedded into the other charges, so you won’t actually see a line item charge for this. You can always find your “Price to Compare” by searching for rates in your utility service area or zip code at

The state of Pennsylvania requires all competitive electricity rates for residential customers to contain all components of the “Price to Compare”: Generation, Transmission, GRT. This allows consumers to compare offer in Pennsylvania as apples-to-apples.

Now that you know what you are looking for it is time to do your search. Electricity is a big business. Just think, do you know anyone who doesn’t use it, or do you know anyone who knows someone who doesn’t use it? The answer is probably no, which is hard to duplicate in any other industry. Even with cellular phones you probably know one person who still doesn’t have one. This means that there are always going to be an overwhelming number of offers coming in, and there will always be new companies popping up and old comings going belly up. Calling every single electricity company is going to eat up a lot of time without adding any extra benefits to doing your search in one reputable place.

By comparing your electric rate options at, you can quickly and easily compare a number of offers from qualified energy companies right to your current “Price to Compare”. We only work with reputable companies who have high customer satisfaction ratings and offer the most competitive rates.

So finding a cheaper electricity rate in Pennsylvania is probably much easier than you thought. Simply choose your utility area (PECO, PP&L, Duquesne Light, Met-Ed, Penelec) or enter in your zip code, view the lowest rates available, and pick the rate and term that you want. You’ll start seeing savings on your monthly electric bill in no time.

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