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Low Energy Rates in Erie PA

The city of Erie Pennsylvania and surrounding Central Pennsylvania cities are seeing an increase in electricity company offers and products. Thanks to the Pennsylvania electricity choice laws Erie citizens can choose between over 30 electricity companies to be their electricity supplier. The competition has forced electric prices down and has given consumers over 50 rate products to choose from including green energy options.

The electric utility in Erie is Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL), which is the second largest utility company in the state. While Erie energy users can choose who supplies their electricity, PPL continues to deliver the power to their home at delivery charges that are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. In most cases PPL also continues to send their customers the monthly electric bill which will have their delivery charges as well as the alternative energy company’s supply charges.

Businesses in Pennsylvania are also getting low electric rate offers as well as exotic product offers that take advantage of energy forward pricing strategies. Erie businesses who have not shopped for competitive electricity prices can eliminate up to 30 percent on their electric bills as a result of recent PPL default increases and downward trending competitive pricing. PA energy choice for businesses has caused management at companies to become more away of the energy laws and options available.

The majority of electricity customers just want to find the lowest electricity price so that they can minimize their monthly power bill. Bargain shopping for the lowest electricity rate can be done most efficiently on electricity price comparison websites like ElectricRate.com

Here are current low priced competitive electricity rates for Erie PA customers who are in the PPL utility area:

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